Dipl.Ing. Bernd Noack
proAV Consulting - Engineering Office
Meller Bogen 18, 13403 Berlin

DEGA - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik e.V.

Phone: +49 30 22478680, +49 151 2520 4626
VDI - Association of German Engineers, Technical Building Equipment    b.noack@proAV.de


Planning and design of performing arts facilities, conference and educational rooms, AV networking
conceptual and detailed design and planning from basic draft to implementation planning, invitation for tender, installation supervision on site

design of electronic room acoustic enhancement systems for multifunctional performance halls
room acoustic simulation for reverberation time, clarity and speech intelligibility prognosis
room acoustic measurements for evaluation and verification of room acoustic parameters, calibration of sound reinforcement systems
complete sound system setup, 3D immersive sound installationen, surround sound, RP-200


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